Billing issue not resolved from 1 month

hi there,
Need some urgent help,
My account is limited, I can’t add any more domains,
Cloudflare asked me for credit card pictures and my driving license, after receiving they told me your account is suspended, this is PURE RACISM

It has been over 1 month now, back and forth no one even cares to reply,

I can’t even move 4 of my big domains as they are transferred to cloudflare registrar,
they even refunded my 8-8$ for all domains,

they won’t tell me the issue, no phone support, no email reply,

I have tried every thing, now I am in words with a Lawyer who told me to try 1 last time before we start trhe subpoena, I was trying to avoid but I think cloudflare just wants unnecessary litigation, I will see you guys in court soon, or else solve my problem asap.

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Sorry for the issues you’re hitting, @seokataria, unfortunately, the Community cannot see your account to help with this. I see your tickets were sent to the Trust & Safety team and they’ll work with you going forward as I cannot see details.