Billing Issue, need pro plan urgently

Hi there,

I’m trying to purchase your pro plan and seeing this error message “For security reasons, there is a problem with your billing profile. Contact [[email protected]] for assistance. (Code: 1292)”

I also tried to change my card from the billing page but it’s showing the same message.

I did my research and found many threads on the forum on the topic and I have already contacted the given email 14 hours back. Still, no response was received.

I need this urgently to turn on CloudWAF because my server is under attack.

It will be really helpful if someone can please help me out with this.

@Laurie Should be able to help you!

Please post the ticket number from the autoresponse.

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Be advised that the WAF won’t magically stop a DDoS attack.

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2369710 and 2370119


I have escalated your ticket to one of our billing specialists, please note that the tickets are answered by priority based on plans and when received and they are replied to as quickly as our team can.


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