Billing issue getting worse

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Purchase problem

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Almost everything.

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Payment issue

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First, I noticed my other domain (A) 's add-on purchased even 3 months even I press “Remove from Cloudflare” button from Cloudflare until manually cancel it from billing.
And, that domain (A)'s yearly plan is still going on, and I can’t cancel it. because, It is already removed, and it I click product button, It redirect to 404 page.

Second, I’m trying to change my another domain (B)'s plan monthly to yearly, but It failed. So instead of it, I’m trying to cancel it including add-on. I’m successful to cancel plan, but failed to cancel add-on. Anyway It’s plan status changed to “Ending on”. But It charged 10 times next month (10 qty of plan) and still status is “Ending on”.

And, My ticket has no respond. Wow.

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I see several replies from Support on 3272756 and have flagged your ticket for my Support colleague that is working in the Community today. Sorry for the delay & issues.

It’s even getting worse. I got partial refund without any notice. But it is partial.
It is only for main plans (not includes add-ons), And It said “10 × Cloudflare Pro Plan (at $25.00 / month)”, But value is “$225”. I think $25 times 10 should be $250?

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