Billing information is not properly validated (need help)

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I had an issue with Billing where I can’t add my Visa card to billing.

  • International transaction is enabled
    I’ve raised the issue with the support team, and i have submitted all my information. I wanted to buy a domain from CF since my Pages are hosted here and don’t want to go to another registrar for domain.
    But my experience with CF billing team is bad. I have explained my issue very through. I have also managed to add my friends Visa card and getting the same error. Check screenshot

My ticket number is: #2415555
When CF team says I’ve entered information incorrect, IT IS NOT WRONG!. I’ve entered my card info more than 20 times and can’t be wrong all the time. Also my friend’s Visa card as well just to prove its not my card issue and ended up getting same error.

I’m from India and want to know if there’s some sort of regional restriction for card and if yes, i could buy from somewhere else without wasting more time.

I guess there is no Shutdown/Problem in India !

I would also be in the same state like you if I was in your position !

Thanks for sharing the ticket number, @Laurie form billing team might be able to help you !

What about using Paypal @untoldns ?

There were issues with recurring payments for users in India. So I thought this is linked. Ik there’s no shutdown sorta stuff obviously infact it’s a flattered thinking.

Btw, is there any extra cost of transferring money to PayPal and using it in CF payment? I’ve not had any balance in PayPal. It’s just for the sake of having a PayPal account. Used to have zero money there. I suspect PayPal would deduct some amount?

It’s free to use PayPal to pay for a purchase or any other type of commercial transaction unless it involves a currency conversion .

You can find more information about it here

Actually, I also didn’t use Paypal :expressionless: but as per the statement there is no charge

if you doubt you can mention that in the ticket or someone else who know might help you

Have a great day !

I’d say there’s currency conversion. CF is showing I’m USD. Anyways, I’m hoping billing team will do some helpful job.
Thanks man

I’d recommed you to mail them at billing[at]Cloudflare[dot]com | [email protected]

You’re always welcome ! :wink:

Have a great day !

I have checked your account and added notes for our team in your ticket. I would recommend that you attempt your order with the Account you have added as you payment method on file and if you then see errors please reply with those in the ticket.

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