Billing: How is "images served" calculated?

I am considering switching to Cloudflare Images but want to make sure I understand the billing:

Resizing: Free
You can create up to 20 variants.
Storage: $5.00 per 100,000 images (prepaid)
You only pay for the original image. If you have 10 original images with 5 configured variants, only the 10 original images count towards your storage limit.
Delivery: $1.00 per 100,000 images served (postpaid)
You will only be billed for number of images served.

Everything makes sense except for “Delivery.” Does Cloudflare bill once per month for unique images served-- ie if 100,000 images are accessed 1 million times collectively in one month, $1 would be billed-- or would it bill for each unique delivery-- ie $10 for 100,000 images accessed 1 million times?

It’s per unique delivery.

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Doesn’t that make this service one of the most expensive image delivery methods available? If I have served 1M images at an average of 50Kb each (about 47.6Gb) that would end up costing me about $0.20 per Gb. Even Fastly (one of the pricey ones) charge about $0.12 per Gb in NA and $0.19 in AU. If my images end-up even smaller (I project about 10-20Kb each) then that price doubles and quadruples quickly. Am I missing something or is it the real cost of the cloudflare images offering?

In this case, what makes it attractive to potential customers? I think storing images on S3 and using lambda to create variants while serving them later through CDN with caching would be more cost effective.

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That is why I asked about pricing-- it seems absurdly expensive. I really thought I was missing something, too. Probably ~75% of all images served on my site will be thumbnails so this cost structure doesn’t make sense for my use case.

It seems unfair that 100 thumbnails on a seach results page would count as 100 images served.

And thanks @sdayman for sharing this information and the related topic.

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I guess that is how they decided to price the service. I still think that as long as you have your own CF CDN configuration in front of the tiered CDN that images service provides, you are not generating requests and consuming you quota. Unless I see the data showing me that people are charged regardless of the number of the direct requests made to the underlying images CDN, I am finding it hard to believe. It just makes no sense from the accounting perspective. You could always have non-CF CDN proxy CF Images and only query image once to cache it.

Having an image count toward the “delivered” price even if it was cached in the CF CDN is really puzzling to me. I have been excited to incorporate new CF products into my apps, but I’ll pass on Images for now.

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