Billing for Rate Limiting


I have a question about billing for rate limits.
I wanted to know how much I was being charged, so I asked support and got the following response

Since we charge per 10000 requests, this response is wrong, right?
I’m worried because it’s too expensive.

Is the following formula correct?
It’s every 10,000 requests.
Isn’t that the formula?

That is the formula, correct. Reply to them and tell that to them. I guess their calculation missed a zero somewhere or added one…

I am relieved to hear that I was charged $4.865 instead of $48,650.
Thank you.

Do not trust my word though, I don’t have access to your account nor the billing backend. Ask them on the ticket, there may be errors in billing.

Thank you for your answer.
I just started using it and haven’t actually been charged yet.
I was worried about my bill and when I asked support, I got this reply, so I got worried and asked the community about it.

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