Billing for an app that does not install

I was trying to install the adblock detect app.

It does not work, and it did not install.

I was billed 7 USD like 20 times… How can I contact Cloudflare?

Just login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


It turns out that no ad block does not do the billing. Cloudflare does.

My Cloudflare billing page is empty. I’ve emailed the support, they gave me two answers, and then nothing.

I’ve been billed through Cloudflare 15 times for an app that does not work. The no adblock page says: “I don’t think that you explained them correctly. They think its a separate service. You must explain that its a Cloudflare app and all payments go through Cloudflare. We have 0 access to that.”

Cloudflare says they don’t know.

Any ideas how I can refund?

Funny thing.

I’ve contacted Cloudflare through the wrong email. Almost instant response.

Wrote with my CF email again with the ticket about a refund and a billed up more than 10 times.


Why is CF ignoring me?

Post the ticket number here. The mods are pretty good about checking up on such issues.

I found your ticket and it looks like the agent told you that it was being investigated and will be refunded. Be on the lookout for further updates from the billing agent.

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