Billing Errors issues!

Hello all,

I received this message two times! and I didn’t figure out what the problem is!
I checked the Billing section in the settings of Manage Account and I didn’t finde any issue…

The Mail says:
"Billing Errors - managing payment methods, subscriptions, paying invoices & inaccurate unpaid balances

An update has been posted

Update - Remediation for customers with missing invoices is in progress. We anticipate it to complete by the end of day Friday, April 26.

If you require URGENT assistance, please raise a Support ticket or amend your existing ticket via the Cloudflare Dashboard, and we can help look into your account specific details.
Time posted"

I will appreciate any help :slight_smile:
Thank you!

There is no problem. This is just a notification letting you know there is a billing migration going on.


Oh great! thank you so much :slight_smile:
Please do have a nice weekend!

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