Billing Error Code 1292 - Updating Payment Info

I opened up billing support request #2510807 and nobody has responded to me. I’m trying to update my payment information because three domains have expired. We have not received support and our tickets have been closed instantly. Please check your ticket system!!!

Was this via the billing support option in your dashboard or [email protected] email address?

Billing tickets generally give an autoreply with common fixes and if you reply back to that you get through to an agent.

We have not received support from [email protected] mail addres, i sended almost 3 mails and our tickets have been closed instantly. No one is answering.

Have you read the details in the autoreply and responsed back with the issue or details requested?

I checked the ticket and the email that you sent it from is not related to any account. You need to reply to that ticket from the super administrator for the account, otherwise our billing team is not going to be able to share any account details with you.


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