Billing Error Code 1292 for me

I opened up billing support request #2326651 and nobody has responded to me. I’m trying to update my payment information because two domains have expired. I’m now wondering if CloudFlare is the best place for me to be doing domain purchases with how ridiculous it’s been trying to get support on this since the 13th…

I’m trying to update my credit card on file since the one that was there was closed for fraud purposes. I’m getting Error 1292 when I try doing it. I even tried to use PayPal instead of a credit card and I’m still getting the same error message.

I tried reaching out to billing support days ago and haven’t heard back. I opened ticket #2326651 and haven’t heard back from anybody. I’m freaking out about this because I feel like I’m about to lose these domains and nobody is helping me!!!

Here’s a screenshot of the error message I’m getting.

I went ahead and escalated the ticket for you; as soon as somebody from the team is online, you should receive a response.


Hi @user14688,

Our team has replied to your ticket and it is now solved.

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