Billing error after stripe activation step

I have activated Stripe third party verification 24H hours ago but I still not able to pay my bills or upgrade my account.

For security reasons, there is a problem with your billing profile. Contact [email protected] for assistance. (Code: 1292)

I contacted Trust and Safety team but no response. Ticket# 11547333

I have escalated your ticket.

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Hello again. It’s been 3 days since you escalated my ticket but still no response. Any luck?

That’s a T&S Ticket #. All that happens with an escalation here is Support confirms that it’s a Trust & Safety issue, and it’s completely up to T&S to handle the issue.

There’s nothing else Support or the Community can do to influence Trust & Safety’s process.

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Hi, thank you for clarifying my issue! I guess there is anything I can do but wait.