Billing email doesn't receive invoices

Hi, team,

Our current billing email isn’t receiving any invoices (at least since January 2023). I have checked if the emails were being bounced but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I’ve also checked the current Billing email preference and updated the Receive invoice attachments (turn it off and on again today).

A support ticket about this has been raised by the account super admin (#2738637) 12 days ago and there’s still no response.

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Tiago Jobling Santos

Sorry this has been happening. I brought this to our billing team and they will be updating you in the ticket.

Hi there,

I can see in ticket 2738637 our billing team has followed and escalated further to Engineering team, our team will update in ticket #2738637 once there is more detail from Engineering team. Please follow in ticket 2738637.

Thank you!

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Hi there,

We have the same issue, which is not receiving the invoice since Jan till Mar 2023.
Please do let me know what was the steps need to be done…