Billing & Credit Card Processing Down/Error


It has been over a week now with Billing & Credit Card down. I have a domain to transfer. Please, advise on how to proceed as paying a bill generate an error. As well as the option to register / transfer domains are gone.

Thank you


Thank you for asking.

I am sorry to hear this.

May I ask if you’ve tried using a PayPal as an option in the meantime? :thinking:

May I ask if you have contacted Cloudflare Support → Billing via CF dashboard? :thinking:

Please, visit the link Visit and choose Billing. Please share the ticket number here with us so we could escalate this.

More about the Support options here:

Thank you for the reply.

We don’t use PayPal as per company guideline. For many many years we used Credit Card for Payment fine.

I will create a ticket right away, thanks again with the same email used for the community.


How can we escalate, we have a few domain to transfer, and others to renew. Yet the credit Card is not working, we are still getting the notice that there is a site wide upgrade for a week now.

We used the same credit card with the same info a few times today with no issues.

We can’t wait any further,

What’s the ticket number?

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Thank you,

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Thank you for sharing with us the ticket number, I have escalated your ticket with our billing team to investigate.

Thank you Micky, but up to today, the ticket wasn’t solved and no one is looking after it. We still unable to Transfer or register new domains. Even though after Cloudflare fixed the credit card issue.

We needs urgent help as we have domain that require transfer and other to be registered.


No Answer, I opened a new Ticket: