Billing/cost: downloadable mp4 with html5 video preload

Totally understand that we’re billed on storage and minutes delivered.

Having a discussion about cost/billing:

  • If I have a 10 minute video, and have made it downloadable; I have default.mp4 available
  • When a user starts plays any part of the video, the full duration (minutes) is billed

How does html5 video tag with preload=metadata affect cost?

  • I see in the browser requests a bit range and that only part of the file is requested/delivered per the network tab
    *** Can we assume cloudflare stream servers respect the bit range request and only return the requested portion of the file? **
    *** How is that billed in the case of a default.mp4 (downloadable url)? Full duration or some partial duration calculation based on bitrange?**