Billing code 1292 and no human help!

First, this is in reference to ticket number 2326902. We got billing code 1292 when I attempt to check out/update/change anything related to billing.
I need help ASAP - Our account was for some reason downgraded to free, we need our services restored as soon as possible and I can’t find a way to contact a human directly. Please help!

I should also say, we had a business plan - so I would assume we could get actual support by a human being.

Hi, sorry for the trouble. I have added myself to your ticket and have escalated your post here for my colleagues in billing to address

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Thank you! We really need this taken care of, I appreciate you escalating it - I hope someone gets in touch with us ASAP. Is there any way to get this squared away over the phone in order to get this done fast?

Unfortunately, only Enterprise plans include phone support. As Cloonan is already on the ticket, he’s also alerted support staff to the issue.

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I understand that in terms of setup and technical help - but this is an urgent billing situation.
I have money I want to give cloudflare… you’d think that would be priority #1 enough to get a phone conversation, even above technical help.

Hi @user14374,

You can review the levels of support by plan here:

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