Billing and refund

I mistakenly purchased a yearly subscription after clicking the back button and then going forward. I paid over $3000 CAD for something useless. I tried to explain what happened twice and asked for a refund or be placed on the monthly plan. I was told cloudflare cannot refund because it’s not their fault. This is bizzare.

Can you share your ticket number here so we can flag it for our Billing colleagues?


Thank you for your response sir.

I am trying everything to speak to one of the billing support representatives and telling him I had no yearly option through my mobile site. Instead, hes threatening me that if i request a chargeback through my credit card company it will affect my terms of use with cloudflare. This is the worst experience I have ever had making a purchase online. Your help in getting this resolved is really appreciated.

Thank you,

Is there any update on this? Can i get a refund please. I am unable to afford this.

Our team is already working on this. Please refer to the ticket for further updates. Thanks!

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