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I think the vaunted Cloudflare backend is seriously under the weather.

My paid account has been automatically charged to may card for longer than I can remember without any problems. The other day, the system told me that there will be no further service unless I pay my bill. There also was a message that automatic charges could be impaired, because I live in India. I do not live in India. I never received an email about outstanding payments. I paid manually, went through without a hitch. Send a message to Cloudflare customer service. A bot “answered.” I told the bot to involve a human, and to truly answer my questions. No answer ever since.

Also, there is this sudden flurry of captchas when I try logging into my account. I am logging in from always the same fixed IP. My account is 2FA protected via Yubikey. Must I really identify boats and buses two times in a row when I log in? Asked customer service for an answer. No answer.

Did you email [email protected] about it? If so, can you share your ticket number. It may not be seen here until after the holiday period, but we can escalate the ticket if it’s billing related.

Ticket 2335456

Thank you, I’ve escalated that ticket for the billing team when they’re next on the community.

Hi @bschmitt,
We do understand that having to make your payment manually is not ideal, we are working with our payment processors to deal with the RBI regulations that have been put in place. Sorry for the inconvenience at having to process your payments yourself as a workaround at this time. Once we have a final solution we expect things to go back to normal for our India based customers.

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How many times do I have to state that I DO NOT LIVE IN INDIA?

I live in Japan, as Cloudflare is very aware of. There are no Japanese regulations against automatic payments.

I still haven’t received a straight answer from Cloudflare.

Will I have to pay manually, or not?


Hi @bschmitt,
Sorry for the misunderstanding, checking our system I am not seeing that there was a declined payment through the automated system attempt, which would have required you to manually process the payment. In addition, we are not seeing that this is occurring with other accounts, with the exception of RBI accounts. We would recommend when your next invoice generates please wait 24 hours for the automated system to process your payment, if there is an issue after that please reach out via a ticket to [email protected]

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Ok, now that’s an answer. Finally, after 10 days.

I saw an open invoice in the system, along with a message that I could make changes only after the bill is paid. It was accompanied by a huge blue bar announcing that automatic payments won’t work in India. I suggest showing that bar only to customers in India, set up for automatic payments.

Close ticket


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