Billing Account Review Required - Argo Services


I received an e-mail from Cloudflare stating that I was not being charged correctly for Argo. It states that on 26 JUL 2021 my account will be corrected so that I will be billed for the service starting on my next billing period. It also states that if I do not wish to continue using these services I should log in and cancel ARGO prior to 26 July 2021.

When I log in and check Argo, the settings state:

“Argo is in a custom configuration. Contact support to modify Argo configuration settings.”

I do NOT want to use Argo. Please turn it off. However give me the option back to re-enable it in the future if I so desire.

I tried submitting a support ticket, but apparently as I am using the free tier I have to post everything here.



Hi @james72,

You should have had an autoreply with a ticket number, please share that here and I can escalate it.



Thanks, I’ve added that to the escalation.

Hi @james72,

I have replied to your ticket and addressed this there for you. Please do reply to that ticket if you have any further questions or concerns.


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