Billed twice for renewing my domain

I renewed my domain manually at the beginning of January for 8$. and I got an invoice double charged for the same domain 16$ which is charged from Paypal…

As far as I know, Cloudflare doesn’t have any registrar for more than a year.
This happened to me last year as well with another domain but they refunded it after my ticket.
However this time nobody answered my ticket and they did not refund anything yet…

Can someone fix this double billing issue please?


@laurie is the miracle worker (if there are miracles to be had). What was that ticket number?

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Hi salvalan7,

Please reply here with the ticket ID and I can then escalate your request internally.

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Hi @Laurie,
This is the ticket I made some weeks ago #2055387
It said I’m in the queue for some days as it is busy (which I understand) but in the end, I got another mail:
#2055387: How would you rate your support experience?”
without any solution.
also this is my domain that I renewed

Hi savalan7,

This ticket received an automatic reply which you never responded to, so it is closed now. If you send another ticket and reply to the automatic response that will leave the ticket open for one of the team to reply to.