Billed Twice for Load Balancing Subscription


On August 5 I bought load balancing subscription without traffic steering enabled and I was billed $20 for that then I realized that I actually need traffic steering feature so the next day I went ahead and bought it I thought that I will be billed only for that specific feature and not for the other features which I have already paid for so traffic steering feature alone costs $10 but I was billed $29.04 so I was billed again for the previous $20

I hope to get a refund I have also raised a ticket the ticket number is 1943387 Please look into the matter

Thank You have a nice day

Hi Paul,

Checking your ticket I see that the subscription issue has been resolved, through your ticket to [email protected]. For account-specific details, I would recommend that you either reply through your existing ticket or start a new ticket for that information.


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