Billed for the wrong domain/TLD

Hey there

I’m trying to transfer my domain to the Cloudflare (away from Siteground) as we’ve created a new site on Webflow.

I created an account with Cloudflare and added my domain for which the TLD is “”. It then took me through the sign-up process where I selected the professional plan and was then billed for it.

Then I was taken to the “Complete your nameserver setup” step. However, I realised the TLD was “.au”, not “”.

I definitely selected the website when I searched for it, so I don’t why it’s picked the .au version. The only explanation I can think of is that I do also own the .au version of the domain, but it’s set up as a redirect to the one.

My question is, how can I correct the TLD without being billed again?

Any help super appreciated. I’m not very technical so please let me know if further info is needed!

Thank you,

Hi @jed1 you added the site (domain/zone) to Cloudflare as as opposed to and purchased a pro plan for but you need a pro plan for Is that correct?

Best bet is to cancel the plan you do not want (a credit for the unused portion will be issued) and select the pro plan type for the domain you do want to have a pro subscription. You will be billed again for the first month and in the second month the credit will be applied.


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