Billed for Pro Plan but not active


Please, could you assist here?

We have 3x Websites that had been set up in 2017 using Cloudflare Pro that we are being billed for and when looking today I can see that these respective websites are using the Free Plan and NOT the pro plan.

On the respective websites when I go to change subscription I have the option to upgrade to the pro plan, but I do not want to be charged again?

I have already logged a ticket with Cloudflare Support but have not heard back from them. Request #1802988

I also need to cancel the pro plan for one website and change it to the free plan.

Any Suggestions?

Hi @domain19, I see your ticket and the details. In looking at your account, it appears the subscriptions you’re asking about were canceled nearly a year ago and the last invoice I can see is from 26 Dec 2918.

Currently, the three you indicated on the ticket are set as Free plans. I verified internally and by looking at the overview app of each of the domains:
Screenshot from 2019-12-16 11-04-57

Support can see greater detail than I am able to see and may be able to offer further insight when they address your ticket. I’ll keep an eye on progress. Sorry for the troubles.