Billed for Page Rules - Unable to downgrade plan/unsubscribe

I’m being charged for some extra page rules on some of my domains, but I can’t “unsubscribe” neither remove that extra rules, as I’m already on FreePlan and nothing appear as bought in the PageRules section. Do you know how can we proceed?
I already opened a ticket but I don’t get any response.

@Laurie , checking the forum, my case it’s the same as this old post you managed to solve:

Could you (or somebody else) help us? Thanks

Our support ticket with the details is #2632976

If you submitted this ticket through your dashboard and selected the billing option then it will be in the queue. The community cannot further assist with account specific billing queries like this.

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We retrieved automatic response, one asking if was billed related cause if not they don’t provide support, and even answered that was billed related, they marked our ticket as solved, so I don’t think they have the ticket in queue anymore.
We’ll try to reach again using the dashboard, but I don’t have many expectation seeing that last time they solved thanks to this forum.

Hi @it1339,

You can reply to the resolved ticket and it will reopen it for the support team to address.

Many thanks, I’ll close this

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