Billable usage overview seems extremely low

I originally asked this on Discord, but was sent here to get a few more eyes on it.

I am a little confused in regards to billable/billed requests and what the dashboard shows me. I have a worker that uses the cache API to cache common requests and their responses, KV in front of R2 (small files) to reduce some read latency and a DO for rate limiting. I’m seeing very different usage numbers across the dashboard:
The overview for my domain shows ~330k total requests for the last 24h, 92% cached.
The workers overview shows ~679k requests for the last 24h and a total of ~12M bundled requests for the current month (billing cycle 29th … 28th).

Yet the billable usage overview for my entire account (beta feature) says I have a Cumulative total this month: 34k requests, which seems far less than the 12M my workers overview shows and far less than the 2M requests exceeding my included usage.