Bill didn't automatically get paid

I’ve linked my cloudflarec account with paypal and subscribe to a pro plan since last month. Today (7/11) is the end of my first billing period. When I open the dashboard, it said that I need to pay an invoice or my service will be paused. Then I have no choice but pay the invoice manually. But I think it should automatically make transaction like Spotify or Apple iCloud without any manually operations. I am sure that my paypal work and I didn’t disable the link to cloudflare on paypal website.

Out of curiosity, is your PayPal account tied to a credit card? Or is it using something else for funds?

@sdayman Yes, my paypal account is linked to my credit card and set as default payment method. When I manually paid my bill on cloudflare, cloudflare will automatically correct the transaction via paypal without any additional confirmation. I will try using my credit card directly from cloudflare instead of paypal next month to see if I am auto charged.

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Sorry for the late reply here, checking your account your payment has successfully processed with your PayPal payment method.

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