Bigger timeout before 502 error from cloudflare

I think I should be able to setup the timeout value from which cloudflare will consider the server will not respond.
At the moment, I do not have any control and simple cold start from aws lambda function can easily trigger the 502 server error response from cloudflare while waiting few more seconds would be fine.

This is a big issue at the moment, how can I fix this?

I’m more familiar with a 522 Timeout if a site takes longer than 90 seconds to connect or a 524 if a site takes longer than 100 seconds to complete a request. I’m pretty sure those timeouts are hard limits on anything less than an Enterprise plan. Here’s their info on 502 errors:

Hi, thanks for your answer.
In my case I receive this error if it takes 10 to 15s to answer.

Do you think the problem really comes from my server response?
Is there a way to see a little more what happen with the response?
I see I have a Ray ID number coming back, how can I investigate the error a little more

Note the error? Your server is returning a 502 gateway error (likely a time-out), Cloudflare just passes that on.

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Thanks, you guys are right, it was an actual timeout of the lambda function.

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