BigCommerce Stores 1016 Error

I have 4 BigCommerce stores where the DNS is managed at Cloudflare. In the last hour or so, all 4 stores have gone down. In their place is a 1016 error from Cloudflare. I’ve opened a ticket with Cloudflare, but I’m not getting a timely response. Anyone know anything about this?

The search does :wink:

First entry

I read the help doc before I posted here. It didn’t help my issue.

I presume you did follow all the suggested steps, didnt you?

Next thing would be you should post a screenshot of your DNS settings here, redact IP addresses if necessary.

I used to test the destination domain ( for the CNAME. Cloudflare is the only DNS that isn’t resolving that domain to an IP address.

A naked domain generally cant be a CNAME, however Cloudflare allows it by flattening that record and assinging the target’s IP address as A record. This should generally work and I am not sure why it wouldnt it your case. Are you sure this is the right screen. Do you possibly have two Cloudflare accounts? Alternatively I could only imagine a DNSSEC issue with the domain.

Flattening has been working for months (or years in some cases), but the issue with BigCommerce just started today. It started on 4 of my stores simultaneously. Stores that are not using Cloudflare DNS are still up and running.

I do not have multiple Cloudflare accounts.

My first screenshot was just showing the DNS records in Cloudflare. Here’s a couple of screenshots showing all DNS hosts except Cloudflare able to resolve the destination domain.

All right, in that case it appears as if Cloudflare had for some reason difficulties resolving, hence it cant flatten it either.

I’d open a support ticket in this case and change the CNAME into an A record and assign the IP directly as workaround.

Thanks! I opened a support ticket over an hour ago with no response yet. I posted here hoping someone would have a quick answer :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll trying switching it to an A record and see what happens.

On which account level are you?

The A record workaround is the quickest it could get :slight_smile:

That should work.

I have a mix of pro and free accounts for these 4 stores.

Pro should get you a faster response, free accounts are the last in the queue.

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