Big mess in official IP but website working !?

Hi dear famous Cloudflare fans !
Hope you are going well in this final voting day in France ;-(

I drive
I my Cloudflare zone I have one ip = 149.202

And here is a very sad info =
ns-lookup - DNS lookup

How the ■■■■ is it possible ?

Do you have any advce to share please ?

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Thanks for your answer
The public IP are those from Cloudflare, and that is the goal

I have badly ask my question =

We have a SEO score going very low
Why at the end of ns-lookup there is a 403 error for the domain ?
Is it normal ?

That a very common Issue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But anyways here an article which will definitely help you to increase seo score

I havent follow you in information I can use in this article to understand how making a step ahead to SEO quality, sorry

Finally I have only one question = why this 403 error even thouth the website is fully working ?

I check that my other websites declared in Cloudflare are sending 200 status or 301 → 200 status

Do you have any documentation page about this please ?

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