Big js assets loaded in my site.. ?¿

Hi! I’ve a site in wpengine, this works fine but a big asset (JS) loaded every time, I think it come from Cloudflare cause I’ve the same site in the staging site and there does not happen. This penzalize my psi. Some idea what option in my Cloudflare back (I ve a free account) can be provoking that? the assets loading is:


ps: sorry my english ! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that?

ye… every time the site is loaded, this 2 js are loaded ( about 4mb ), in mobile this is a ballast!

Well, thats not Cloudflare related nor even to your site. Thats the basic concept of HTTP. If you embed a resource it certainly is always loaded when you request it. The only thing you could do - for visitors who accessed your site earlier - is to utilise caching and send appropriate caching headers, so that the resource is cached on the client side.

Thats not exactly a Cloudflare related question though.

The only thing you could do on Cloudflare is to - instead of setting it in your server configuration - set the caching directive via a page rule.

ok thanks, but, this will not work in the first load of the site, only in subsequents loads, and the psi I think is calculated in the first load, not? :frowning:

Well, on the first load you cant have anything cached, so you obviously need to download it. Even if you cache these files, there is no guarantee they will stay for all eternity in your client cache. What you can additionally do is to make sure the files are cached on Cloudflare, but JavaScript files are cached by default anyhow, and that would not undo the necessity to download the files either.

I am not quite sure what you want to achieve. You cant not download files but still expect them to be available for your site. Your best bet might be to make sure the files are smaller, but that will require optimisation on your side and that really is beyond the scope of the forum here I am afraid.

ok thanks, it’s curious cause I’ve search for any of the content of those js in my site’s code and there does not exist… so I cannot minimize them. I dont know where are they loaded… I ve the site hosted in wpengine and they asure that those files are not loaded from them, so I think could they be loaded from Cloudflare.

Cloudflare does not add any content. These files must come from your server, you can easily confirm this by pausing Cloudflare, upon which you will still have these files.

uops! it’s possible to pause Cloudflare temporally? thanks

It is. On the overview page at the bottom right.

But here a screenshot directly from your server


The file comes from your server, not Cloudflare.

Do you use something called ActiveCampaign?

Hi! thanks, my customer tell me that… yes! he uses activecampaign. Could be this the source of the 2.5mb js file?

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