Big difference between Cloudflare Analytics and Google Analytics


I am using Cloudflare DNS free plan for a website with formally about 700 visitors / day.

Yesterday I tried to compare that data with Cloudflare Analytics, and difference surprised me: 3000/3300 visitors per day, surely an order of magnitude more. This was really surprising and intruguing for me… how could be explained this difference? I expected some little difference in data, i.e 700 vs 900 or 600, but surely not 700 / day vs 3000/ day!

I suppose it is related to some technical diffences (i.e Cloudflare uses DNS for counting accesses, while Analytics exploit a javascript tag which in some cases, maybe, do not load entirely, and does not count effective hit), so I would like to understand it al best. Please not I am not considering number of HTTP requests and/or cache hits, but just visitors data vs. users/sessions: in every cases, it doesn’t add up for my actual opinion.

Could anyone try to explain this or giving some hint?
Thanks in advance!!

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BTW, this is website I am talking about.

So, you are on free plan, then I assume that you are looking at the Unique Visitors metric right?

Then refer to this:

Yes, I am counting Unique Visitors.
Thanks for response and detail, it seems very clear now.
So “unique visitors” is used in a widely way, good to know.

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