Big Confusion! APO with or without Cache Everything Rule

► Q1: Do I need “Cache Everything” Rule with APO?

The above replay suggests → NO

My website Performance, however, ↓

With Cache Everything Rule → Avg CF Caching → 99.50%
Origin Cache Control Page Rule → OFF

Without Cache Everything Rule → Dynamic → Avg CF Caching → 75%
Origin Cache Control Page Rule → OFF

Where is the problem? There is no origin cache control. That means no wrong header. And yet the caching drops to avg 75%.

► Q2: Does “Cache Everything” Rule affect APO Working?

Why am I asking this?


► Q3: APO is Enabled! Do I still need the Rule #1 and Rule #2

►Q4: Does Prefetch Preconnect prevent APO from Font-Caching?

Thank you

I have same cache performance with cache everything page rule enabled.

Please try

Origin Cache → OFF

My Observation so far

→ APO will work well for websites with Worldwide Exposure
→ APO will work well for websites hosted on shared hosting
→ Cloudflare CDN isn’t good for websites with Indian readers

My website performs better in India when I set Cloudfare in Development mode. However, with APO on, my website performs incredible in Europe and America, but very bad in India

I think this would mostly depend on where your origin server is located. If your origin is in India, and you’re mostly targeting people in India, then it’s probably better not using Cloudflare. But if your origin is in the US, then it’s probably better for people in India if you use Cloudflare.

I had similar results with a website hosted in Australia for Australian viewers. Cloudflare only helps in that situation for non-Australian viewers (which aren’t important for that website).

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