Big Cartel domain setup

Hi everyone,

I am trying to add my custom domain to my BigCartel store.

As per the instructions on BigCartel I added a CNAME directing www to
and then I created a page rule that is a 301 redirect forwarding the root to

I have waited 48 hours and it is not working.
I contacted the BigCartel support team and shared the screenshots of these with them and they said it looks right. Please note I am not actually using “mydomain” but rather my actual domain name.

That makes it extremely difficult for us to assist.

Hi sdayman,

Sorry, I am new to this community. The domain is - it is from namecheap. Here are two screenshots 1 of the CNAME and one of the 301 redirect. This is the instructions given to me on BigCartel and they have told me this should be correct. The next step is to enter it in to BigCartel and that is where the error message appears.

This is the error message from BigCartel.

The support rep at BigCartel told me to reach out to Cloudflare as they say the CNAME and 301 redirect are not showing up.

Change that Page Rule to match just* and that should help.

It would also need a DNS record, like in this tutorial:

They might also want that CNAME set to :grey: instead of :orange:, but save that for last if nothing else works.

The top part of the page rule or bottom part? It says the bottom must start with a "/ ", “http://” or “https://”


An update on this, I’ve tried these suggestions, in several different combinations and I still can’t get it to work. I have reached out to Big Cartel again and they assure me that I do not need an A record. The support rep at Big Cartel says they cannot see my CNAME, so I believe that may be the issue. I currently have it the same as I did before but I tried to turn the cloud gray as well and it didn’t help.

The rep also said to make sure I share this link for Big Cartel’s instructions:

Thanks in advance for the help.

Your DNS record for ‘www’ is still set to :orange:, and that looks like an “A” record. Their instructions are pretty clear they want a CNAME.

Hi sdayman,

Thank you for the help,

They now say the 301 re-direct is not working, any suggestions on how to set that up?

I have also tried with the http and https in front.
This is what their instructions say:

Scroll up.

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Hi @ljbick

Just wondering if you every got a resolution to your other Bigcartel thread (thats now closed) …

I have the same issue and hoped you might be able to share the final outcome