BGP problem ?!

The problem is this:
When my clients are tring to acessin my website thru some internet providers, they can access it normally, however some clients just cant reach my site and have to change to others internet providers in order to acess it. looks like an BGP problem. can some one helpme ? is the url.
the issue start since 6 hours ago, im using Cloudflare since a year…

Do you have any information what geographical region the users are in or the networks having issues? Do you know what error the users are receiving when they attempt to access your site?

Hello Thanks for the reply,
They are all from Brazil! my main public is in brazil, some can acess normally others cannot!

All over BraziL!
i have some adiional info:
the routing issue happens when Cloudflare is enable and answer to this IP: , im testing acess tru the same broadband however forcing (in the host file inside pc) other Cloudflare IP ( the site works!
how can i force Cloudflare alterate this routing? get in another ip.
Are there any WAF/ Ip rating limit/ip firewall problem that can generate this behavior?

Id’ recommend opening a ticket and working with Cloudflare support through the support interface

Same problem here from Parana/Brazil. Some people can’t access my site. No PING, no Trace route, just timeout.