Between Cloudflare And LiteSpeed Cache Status

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I activated Cloudflare cache via dashboard (without installing Cloudflare plugin). Also I activated LiteSpeed cache via htaccess (without installing LiteSpeed plugin). Both cache works on homepage with HIT status.

But when I check it on (or another URL outside homepage), there’s no cache status from Cloudflare or LiteSpeed.

I set cache everything page rules for my homepage only, not for /* whole website. Also I only installed Autoptimize, SEO Press, and social share plugin on my WordPress website. I don’t know if there’s any conflict between Cloudflare and LiteSpeed or my plugin setting? Any solutions?


Post a screenshot of your page rule, however if you omitted the asterisk, it will only apply to the defined URL and no deeper paths.

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Here’s my number 2 and 3 page rules (number 1 page rules is about redirect from cPanel access to homepage.

Also on cache section, my caching level is standard with browser cache expiration respect existing headers.

Precisely, that setup will only cache the root URL.

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Is there any way to cache whole website URL without apply cache everything on page rules?

No, you will need to merge these two rules.

Thanks for explanation.

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