Better speeds and peering when not cached?


Rather new with cloudflare. I recently got a new dedicated server based in Germany, while for the EU it is pretty darn good and its speed is as expected however it’s peering to the US isn’t the best.

I was wondering if the page loading speeds and peering would be better if it was behind cloudflare. A few pages of the website will not be cached via a page rule so I was just looking to find out that if a page isn’t cached will it still have a performance boost or will it act like it was even if it wasn’t behind cloudflare.


It actually all depends on how everything is routed, hence it is difficult to make a general statement.

However, assuming you are talking about US visitors, they should be routed to the US datacentres. In that case everything cached will not reach your server but will be served from the proxies. Everything which is not cached (or has expired) however will still connect to your origin and might still be subject to that not-so-ideal peering.

What you could do in this case, is have a look at Argo at Argo Smart Routing | Traffic Acceleration. That would route requests first within Cloudflare internally, because of which the route might be better. Argo is a paid upgrade however.

Hey thanks for the info, while most will be a cached a few pages won’t be. I believe most of my traffic will be coming from the EU however some will come from the US. I will have to assess how things go and if need be I will definitely look into Argo as that sounds exactly what I’ll need to help the US people out there have a better experience.

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