Better performance in China Mainland

I‘m a Chinese bloger and my blog is stored in Racknerd VPS and proxied with Cloudflare.

Commonly, when I open the proxy of Cloudflare, I could just use 2 Cloudflare IP, which is slow to visitors in China Mainland.

The Cloudflare Partner is not working anymore.

Is there any free/charged strategies to make my blog faster? Any suggestions?

Well if your blog is slow for visitors, you need to debug it and find out where the problem is. Is Cloudflare taking long to proxy it - if so, does it take long from you to Cloudflare or from Cloudflare to your server.
Or, if your server is just slow as your site got so popular and does have a lot of visitors?

The question, what makes it slow (which part in the chain) needs to be analysed and answered first, before someone can recommend something to you something.

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