Better Filter for Cloudflare Firewall Events

I have created a firewall rules that allowed know bots and low threat score visitors to access my site directly, like this:

However, many request that matches that rule will be logged in Firewall Events:

As you can see, most of them are came from search engine crawlers.

And there is no details about which rules or matches were triggered:

So if there is any way to filter out the allowed requests and enable me only to see the requests that been blocked? I just don’t care how many search engine crawlers have been allowed.

var cfAllowEl = document.querySelectorAll('td[data-label="Action Taken"]');
for (let i of cfAllowEl) {
    if (i.innerHTML === 'allow') { = 'none';

Although it works, it is just too ugly…

Seeing as they’d be allowed anyway and you don’t want the reporting on matches then why not just remove the rule?

If you have subsequent rules with a challenge or block action then add a clause to them such as and not ( or cf.threat_score lt 5) to make sure those bots get the same ‘allow’ access as having their own rule.

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