Better cache hit rate in paid subscriptions?

Hello, I’ve been using cloudflare’s CDN and DNS for 3 years.
A couple months ago I noticed my cache miss rate increased, producing higher costs in my AWS S3 origin.

One or two months ago I started with the PRO subscription in order to use the cache analytics. It didn’t provide any usefull info, but noticed that the cache hit rate returned to normal. Coincidence?

I’m stil in the pro subscription, and would like to downgrade to basic, since I don’t need the cache analysis and the USD are every time more expensive in Argentina. The only thing that still keeps me paying is the cache hit rate.

Is there any relationship between the hit rate and the type of subscription? I mean without considering Argo nor any other CDN enhancement. Just CDN.


Total cached content size will be based on the traffic your website is receiving, how ‘busy’ the CF datacenter your visitors connect to is, and your plan. Higher-tier plans are less likely to get their cache evicted, even in face of high load at the datacenter.

There’s a chance your visitors are going to a smaller datacenter, so when it gets low on cache space it’ll evict more content on free plan accounts than it will for paying plans.


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