Beta test with Warp

Did you know that beta testing for with Warp is now open on iOS and Android?


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Hi folks… Looking good.

Just to make things clear: what does WARP do? Does it check if a site is using CF and do something different when accessing it? Or does it use a different protocol to connect to a CF POP and from there is just normal traffic? And if the target page is on a site using CF, does it use ARGO or something else (my guess is what WARP+ is?)?

A bit more information would be helpful…


It should, not really sure about this. The team should be able to clarify if they want to.

Argo is for POP to origin, so no difference there, apart from the fact that you are already connected to a POP so less latency and the website is “local” there.

With Warp+ you will use a variation of Argo to connect to third party websites, in theory it should travel through CF POPs to reaches the origin.

Thanks. It would be good to have some kind of white paper explaining the way it works…

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