Beta Email Forwarding Spurious DNS Warning

We recently tested the Beta Email Forwarding system on a few of our domains. It worked well, but the absence of NDRs for senders was a killer for us in a production environment, I understand that’s still on the to-do list, and it should be great once that’s up and running.

However, after nuking all forwarder configurations and removing all MX/SPF records from the test domains, the Cloudflare interface provides a spurious warning at…

Home >> Domain >> Email

After removing all elements related to email forwarding, the interface displays the following message…

— snip begins —
Email Routing records are on your DNS, but other MX records of equal or higher priority were found… Records misconfigured.
— snip ends —

Once a domain has been cleared of all email forwarding items, that message should really revert to the original default of…

— snip begins —
Email records not found.
— snip ends —

It’s a small item, but it incorrectly suggests that some redundant records have been left in the domain’s zone.

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