Bet365 host error 520

Hi, I have a problem when I try to log in to bet365 app it gives me a 520 host error.
I have this problem only on the app on one device. if I try to login on the site on rhe same device I have no problem or if I log in on the app with another device I don’t have problems. I alrrady tried to change connection and uninstall and install the app but I have the same problem. what can I do? it’s more than 1 week I have this problem.

You would need to contact the site owner for that particular app / website for them to investigate. Given you are getting this on the app but not the website and even after uninstalling the app that might imply the app itself is at fault and might have a bug.


I have already tried to contact them saying everything you wrote but they said that they don’t know what to do and just use the site, but I need to use the app

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