Best way to integrate cloudflare with digital ocean

I previously used cloudflare with siteground and things worked smoothly.

I changed my hosting to a one click digital ocean droplet vps and things went to ■■■■.

So I removed cloudflare and focused on setting up digital ocean only. Right now everything is back to normal.

Some details about my site, I installed an ssl certificate with Let’sEncrypt and the droplet is Ubuntu based with an Apache server.

If anybody has experience on integrating cloudflare properly with digital ocean it would be appreciated. I believe the issue previously was probably with SSL.

Doesn’t DO already have some tutorials?


Moreover, make sure to allow Cloudflare to connect to your DO droplet (check your firewall/network configuration for ingress/egress allowed IP’s and on which ports if so - 80 adn 443):

That would mean, you would need to setup Full SSL at Cloudflare for your domain/website.
Check also for open port 80 and 443 on your network at your DO VPS droplet.

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