Best way to get the processed image from CF images and use an upload feature in a web site builder?

I paid for the images section, however I am not seeing tutorials on how to use the image after it is processed in CF, on a website builder that does not have a url function for uploading the video to be used on the site. How is the best way to get the processed video from CF and use an upload feature in a web site builder?

Maybe I am not understanding how it all works, but the tutorials may be above my head.
I like how it scales down the size of the images in CF Images, but my website builder does not take url’s for image uploads. Only way I have found is to take the final CF images url, place it in a browser, open to the image and then save image from the browser. Then I can upload that image into the website builder.

But that is quite a process and not real time saving if I have many images. This is likely where I am not understanding how to use the processed image


Like Stream, the Images project is more like Object Storage where each image has a unique identifier instead of a file name in a directory structure. It’s not meant as a drop in replacement for any CDN type of feature. It would require dedicated development work to use in any environment to use a database to track images with their unique identifier.

I’m looking forward to the R2 product, which is a more refined front end to raw object storage. I’m not holding my breath, as it seems like it’s many months away.