Best way to do a redirect to another domain (both on Cloudflare)

We just put three domains on Cloudflare, two ( and we moved to a new host and the third ( we want to stop hosting because it’s just a splash page, so we want to redirect that domain to a page on one of the other domains.

ccc.comAAA Sorry Page

In fact it might be worthwhile to redirect any url from to this splash page:
wwwAAA Sorry Page

Is it better to have the DNS point the domain to the same server as, and then use the host’s redirecting capabilities to direct the traffic to the one page on Or is it better to do this in Cloudflare? And if so how?

It’s faster to use Page Rules to redirect. You probably already have DNS records for the old domains, so you just need the Page Rule from this tutorial:


Thank you, we’ll try this!


We did the change and we’re getting a “The connection has timed out” error when going to, maybe it’s just too soon. Fingers crossed this works. I’ll be in touch either way.

Make sure that ccc’s DNS entries are set to :orange: Proxied. If you need more assistance, please post the actual ccc domain name.

Ah ok, they were DNS only. I just changed them. =, and it needs to redirect to Metrosphere.

@sdayman It’s working now! Good save. Thanks so much.


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