Best way to block IP range? free plan

I had a high number of request from
and from this is a server.
Does anybody know them? Are they content scrapers?
What is the best way to block them? I am using IP blocking for the IP range. However, in this way I have to block /16 or /24 which is not exactly the network: “” I used /24 but I am not sure if this is ok.
The IPs are qualified as low risk, however I daily check the top request and if they are not human I block them.

It’s easier to block by ASN (look it up at ASN Tool - MxToolBox) in a Firewall Rule, but add an exception in that rule for Known (good) Bots.

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Thanks! I was already blocking by ASN other networks, but I didn’t block Google or Microsoft ASNs. I didn’t know how to make an exception and not make a mistake.
Easy and excellent!


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