Best settings for Magento 2

Hello Community,

Can someone tell me what the best settings are for a Magento 2 shop at Cloudflare?


  • Page Rules
  • etc.

Thanks for the support!

A search through the Help Center has a bit:✓&query=magento

I’m sure Google has more:

We have a plug-in available for Magento which implements many of the base best practices here:


Hello cscharff,

Can you please update the module so it will also work on PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2 ?

Which specific issues do you have on these versions?

requirements in the composer.json do not allow PHP 7.1 or later

I assume you are referring to

I’d tweak that line to allow 7.1+ as well and then check how it goes :slight_smile:

Yes correct. But have you also test it?
And >

That would be up to you, hence the “check how it goes” part :slight_smile:

If it is not urgent you can certainly also wait until the package itself has been updated, but I guess that could take some while.

hello Sandro,

It is recommended by Cloudflare to use the module only it is not usable?

So what can you do about it ?

I am not sure about the PHP support, that might work if you ajust that require directive.

As far as Magento support is concerned, I am afraid I really cant tell.

You have two options, you fix it yourself or you wait until Cloudflare publishes a new version. Not sure how fast the latter will happen though.

Can you tell me more about the Cloudflare module update ?

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