Best settings for cloudflare

Hi I have just signed up for the $20 a month. I’m hoping there are some gurus that would be kind enough to help. I’ve listed my questions.

I’d like my site to load as fast as possible but safely and without errors etc.

  1. I’m worried about some review sites saying that on some countries a capha is shown before people can view my site. This is a big no no. I really don’t want this.

  2. Access - not sure if I should enable access.

  3. Caching - not sure what to set the caching level to - no query string, ignore or standard.

  4. Page rules - I just changed my home page to always be http/2

  5. Network - not sure what settings to use at all

  6. Traffic - not sure if I should enable argo and argo tunnel etc

  7. Stream - not sure to enable this.

  8. And everything else!

Thanks in advance

  1. Captchas shouldn’t show up anywhere unless you’ve changed a security setting. Default settings for most everything are a good place to start.
  2. No need to turn on Access until you’re ready to do some setup to protect certain URLs, like logins and admin.
  3. Caching level Standard is a safe bet.
  4. I’ve not seen an option for HTTP/2 in Page Rules. Cloudflare is HTTP/2 by default.
  5. Network: Again, defaults settings are good. I’ve enabled HTTP/3 w/QUIC, and 0-RTT for some slight performance gains.
  6. Argo is handy if you have global visitors, as it will speed things up. Argo Tunnel is a whole 'nother feature. Good if you have root access to your server and want a more protected server. I don’t use this, as my server is already firewalled off pretty well.
  7. Stream is if you want Cloudflare to host your video files. I’ve used this before, but I generally don’t do much with video.

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