Best rule type to go from non www to www domain

So I have a ‘Page Rule’ that transfers to www if not in the first place and adds the 301. That works fine. My question is: Is a ‘URL Rewrite’ rule or something else better than a transfer? Just thinking of the DNS look ups. What have you done? Can you share your rule if using a ‘URL Rewrite’?

Thanks in advance! Christina

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  • URL rewrite: A server-side operation that occurs before a web server has fully processed a request. A rewrite is not visible to website visitors, since the URL displayed in the browser does not change. Configure Rewrite URL Rules to perform rewrites on the Cloudflare global network without reaching your web server.
    Rewrite URL Rules · Cloudflare Rules docs

  • URL redirect: A client-side operation that occurs after the web server has loaded the initial URL. In this case, a website visitor can notice the URL changing when the redirect occurs. Refer to URL forwarding to learn more about configuring redirects.

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