Best resource for setting up Turnstile


I’m sorry but I’m a bit shocked. I have set up a Turnstile account and added my site. I have the keys I need to set up a captcha to stop spambots signing up to my email list. However I see I need to do some coding stuff on my site and have no idea how to that.

I’m sure there’s stuff in the resources area but it’s a bit like trying to find Bambi in the forest. Can someone pls suggest the best resource for helping me - whether that is here on on Youtube or elsewhere?

Many thanks


Sorry - just to clarify - my reference to ‘shocked’ is simply that I don’t know where to start! i’m sure there’s good content out there…


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This is a good place to get started

I just went to the help center and searched for turnstile,
Screenshot 2023-12-01 at 4.12.08 PM

The learning center link on that same drop down has more general content, Turnstile is mentioned here

Hi Cloonan

Thanks for this - I’ll get onto it today.

Greatly appreciated


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