Best practices: when to use Cloudflare for SaaS

I’ve read all through the docs:

But I still don’t really understand.

When would this be advantageous for me?

What are you trying to achieve?

I don’t know, honestly.

I have about 100 sites in my account and am starting a campaign on January 1 that might increase the number significantly, so I’m looking at CF features to see what might be of value to me as a host or to my hosted clients.

I’ve read all of the docs on this, and still don’t really understand what it does or when it would be of value.

Are you saying you have all your clients domains in your own Cloudflare account? (, etc.)Or have you created a hostname for each of your clients in your own domain? (, etc.)

Cloudflare for SaaS is really designed for the second setup, but replaces each of the DNS entries with a Custom Hostname. Look at Shopify! Instead of each of their customers having to use a hostname like they can use, Shopify can manage all the Cloudflare settings on their side, and they don’t have millions of customer domains in their Cloudflare account. They get security, performance, caching, WAF, anti-DDoS etc. for their application, and don’t care about whatever else their customers are using their domain for.

The Tenant Platform is more suited to where you are actually managing domains on behalf of your customers, but you are not creating and selling a SaaS application.

Great information, thanks @michael :slight_smile: All of my clients are traditional hosted accounts, so it seems like my best option is to have them all as separate sites in my account instead of using CF for SaaS.

The domains are not yours, so really should not be in your account. If you prefer not to use a Tenant setup, then a better option is for each client to have their own account, and if you need access to manage they can invite you with appropriate permissions.

There are too many instances of clients losing access to their own domains when the domain is in somebody else account for it to be a recommended setup.

You might be over estimating what my clients can do! LOL A common statement that I hear is, “I don’t have internet, just Facebook!” :open_mouth: Concepts like buying their own domain and setting up their own CF account is WAY beyond their capability.

I totally know what you mean, though. I’ve worked with plenty of clients that were unable to retrieve their domain from a former developer.

I’ll do some research on Tenant. Thanks for the tip!

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